The Past

For years companies like Crestron, AMX & Elan have been targeting their automation products to the high-end homeowner with the idea of a central control system. These systems have evolved from keypads that control whole home audio and video to tablets that can control gate entry, security, surveillance, irrigation, heating and air conditioning, a well as pool & spa controls.

In the technology-based age we are currently immersed in, smart phones are tools that rule home automation – literally and metaphorically. It is inexpensive, easy to set up and use, and have virtually no ongoing maintenance costs.

Imagine having a fancy, Savant-brand automation system, where you open Savant App on your Smart phone and can control music, heating and air conditioning, lighting, surveillance and security. Great, but is it worth in excess of 40 grand?

Now & The Future – The Digitainment Way

HVAC – Home Automation

Mobile apps available through your Smart phone are linked up with so many products on the market today putting information and control at your fingertips… a wonderful thing. Ironically these products with built in mobile apps are slightly more expensive than their old school counterparts. Take HVAC, instead of getting a network-controlled thermostat and having a programmer custom-write your programming, spend only $249 for a NEST thermostat. It can be installed for less than $85, and the app is maintained by NEST employees (Google).

Home Audio – Home Automation

Instead of buying a whole-house audio system with touchpads and tablet controls and spending thousands of dollars for wiring, programming, and equipment, there’s a better alternative. The SONOS Wireless HiFi system can be customized and is very affordable. You can build your SONOS system one piece at a time, if you want. In order to play your music library and/or stream music, just download and use the SONOS app. Then select the “rooms” for sound or group them together, then select what you want to listen to, adjust the volume, all from your Smart phone. You can add SONOS devices to an existing surround sound system with the (SONOS Connect $349), or you can run a whole house audio system with built-in speakers (SONOS Connect Amps $499 ea.). Upgrade poor TV sound while simultaneously indulging in your favorite music with a SONOS PlayBar ($699) or add portable table top speakers and subwoofers anywhere in your house without any wiring! (SONOS Play1 $199, Play3 $299, Play5 $399 & SUB $699)

Surveillance Cameras – Home Automation

Modern high definition IP-based camera systems use simple network wiring and most have apps that allow you view and control from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Download and use the Surveillance App to view a live stream from all of your cameras. You can select which camera to view in detail and it will expand to fill the screen, all with a simple touch. Digitainment has recently partnered with Voyint to provide quality surveillance camera systems with customer support. (4 cameras, 1 TB network video recorder, direct UPS power supply back up, all installed for about $3,500)

All-in-One, Easy to Use

Once your home automation apps are downloaded, then we can create a folder on your mobile device called “Automation”. Drag and drop all of your home automation apps to it, such as NEST, SONOS, VOYINT, etc. and viola! You now have a home automation system at a fraction of the cost. Maintenance is as easy as installing app updates on your device.

1. We do it right the first time
As much as 30-40 percent of our new customers come from cleaning up the work done by big box crews. Do it right with us the first time, and you’ll save money, time and headaches associated with a poorly thought out system, wrong knowledge or a sloppy installation.

2. Every home, every customer, is unique
We do a free in home consultation so we can design a system to meet your specific goals. We design systems based on your needs and lifestyle—from simple standalone media rooms to completely custom whole-house installations with distributed audio and video. Big or small, we tailor the system to you.

3. We are not more expensive
Digitainment is an authorized reseller of most products we sell and because of our narrow focus and high volume, we price match other authorized resellers on Amazon and retailers like Best Buy and Costco.

4. Service is our specialty
If you’ve been to a national retailer—especially during the busy season—you know it’s hard to get anyone to even acknowledge your existence, much less give you personal attention or fix something after it’s been purchased. Not only will we spend time with you to determine the best solution for you, we will install your products and are available long afterwards should you have a problem. We go beyond equipment sales to build lasting relationships with our customers. Service to us means full warranty support on items you purchase through us and lifetime customer service on all items purchased and installed by us.

To determine the best system for you, your family and your home, come in or call us today. We’ll make your home—and the entire retail experience—more entertaining, more convenient and more enjoyable.