Whole Home Audio Installation in Carlsbad, California

Our Process

Brother and sister — Watching television in Carlsbad, CA
Modern living space — Television set in Carlsbad, CA
Man with his son — Smart TV in Carlsbad, CA
Schedule a free in-home consultation– An experienced design consultant will come to your home, listen to what you want, educate you about your options for TVs, AV equipment installation, home networking and custom media cabinetry, make suggestions and take notes to create a quote specialized for you, your family, and your budget. This is usually about 45 to 60 minutes of time in your home depending on the complexity and number of questions.

Free quote via email– The design consultant who came to your home will create a detailed, customized quote and send it to you. We believe in transparency and we show you all the equipment and parts you system requires. The quote is free without any undue sales pressure! You should receive the quote within three business days.

When putting your quote together, we start by identifying everything you might want to consider doing even if you had never considered it before. Since the quote is broken down by room with detailed information, this allows you to consider the cost of each option independently and budget for the future accordingly. This leads to three conclusions about: the things you want to do now, the things you want to do in the future and the things you will never do because its not worth the cost or does not fit your lifestyle. From there, we can delete the “never do’s”, push the “future do’s” to a later phase, and then determine if any savings can be achieved by pre-wiring now for some of those future items while we are working on the “do it now’s”

Review quote, questions, & quote revisions– After you receive your quote, your design consultant will be in touch with you to answer questions and revise your quote and resend it to you for approval.

Schedule installation– After the current phase of work has been agreed upon, you are ready to proceed. Call the office and schedule your installation and confirm the deposit amount to send to the office.
Send initial deposit– After we receive your initial deposit (equipment cost), we order all equipment and products for your job. On most jobs labor is not due until we satisfactorily complete the work for that phase.

Installation timing– Your install date is a combination of installer availability, equipment lead times and coordination with other projects that you may have going, simultaneously. Small projects may get completed in a couple days and larger ones may have to be scheduled 1-2 weeks ahead of time. The actual installation time varies based on the scope of work for the current phase. Our experienced installers are not subcontractors, but rather our own employees. They have been background checked and drug tested for your security. Digitainment is a state licensed, bonded and insured contractor with an A+ BBB rating.

Install day– Our installers will arrive promptly and call if they are running late. Our job lead will walk the job with you to ensure we are all on the same page, prepare the work areas by staging equipment and tools and cover flooring and furniture where appropriate. They will discuss any unforeseen variable labor issues or equipment concerns as soon as they arise to get your approval before proceeding. Upon completion of the work, we will thoroughly test the system, train you and your family that are on site at that time and collect the estimated balance due.

Final invoice– After the installer completes your job, they update their work order (your quote) over the phone to the office for a final balance amount. A final invoice and payment summary are generated and sent to you via email. And you are now part of our official Digitainment customer base with Lifetime Customer Service on all equipment purchased and installed by us.

Our goal - To create an entertainment system to exceed your expectations! Anyone can buy equipment online and get a great price, but is it really a good price if it’s not installed properly or you’re not sure how to use it?