Home Audio and Video Services in Carlsbad, California

A Practical Approach to Audio & Video

  • High Performance: Equipment researched and tested for best performance and value
  • Clean Look: Hidden wires and equipment
  • Flush Mount Speakers: In wall and In-ceiling
  • Simplicity: One easy to use remote, fully set-up, with training
  • Professional Installation: All Installers are Digitainment and have years of experience
  • Latest Technology: Apple TV, Smart TV’s, On Demand streaming of your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • Great Value: Simple approach based on room size and your need.
  • Competitive Prices on TVs, Receivers, Speaker and AV equipment you will need! All pricing includes direct delivery to your home.
  • Custom Home System Design: Audio & Video of all kinds from a simple 22” flat panel in the kitchen to the latest 100” Big Screen specialized for your home.
  • Multi-Room and Outdoor Audio and Video: TVs designed for outdoor use, rock speakers that deliver great sound, and many other options,
  • Lifetime Customer Service

What Kind of Quality am I Getting?

We do not offer overpriced “audiophile” equipment, but instead offer name-brand equipment that look and sound as good or better than other expensive, high-end components.

Home AV·TV is constantly reviewing new product models, such as TV’s, Receivers, Speakers, media devices, network devices, etc. to determine our best recommendations. These recommendations focus on: performance, value, ease of use, and dependability. We tell our customers why we offer particular products among all the choices you might find at larger retailers, then offer those products that make the most sense for your home.

Simplify Your Options

We know that the AV product arena can be very confusing with lots of misinformation and companies pushing the “latest technology”. Sometimes the latest technology is not the best solution and can be expensive. Every component has a law of diminishing return: you might spend more, but if you can’t see or hear the difference, then why waste money? We will give you a free in-home consultation to review your needs, answer all of your questions, and will then send you a quote within days after our visit. We create a detailed quote (no "hidden costs") and then will discuss with you further the details of the job. We can break the quote down into multiple phases in order to fit your budget and planning process.
Classic style — Telivision set in Carlsbad, CA
Clean installation, center speaker flush with wall color
Home theater — Living room in Carlsbad, CA
TV install - customer job
Hot tub and tv screen — TV screen in Carlsbad, CA
LED SMART TV mounted on bathroom wall
Lounge room — Telivision with cabinet in Carlsbad, CA
Wet bar with TV install
Shabby chic style — TV equipment with ease in Carlsbad, CA
Hide your equipment with ease

Surround Sound/Theater

Speaker Placement

There’s a limit to what you can hear but no limit to what you can spend!

We believe in education
You should understand the basics of surround sound & speaker placement

Three Rules for Speaker Placement
1. Open Wide
Create a wide sound field
2. Read my lips
Center speaker located within 24" or less of video source
3. You're in the movie...
...Not just watching it. Tweeters aimed at the primary seating area.

Highly Recommended!
We need to see your room to make the best recommendation.

Size Matters!
Small rooms can use smaller speakers, amps & subs, bigger rooms require larger speakers, amps & subs.

The right combination of equipment
installed the right way that makes the difference.

Not surround sound!
A soundbar has its place, but it's not surround sound.

Whole Home Music

Sonos Home Audio

SONOS is better
Having a whole home audio system is a waste, if no one uses it! SONOS lets everyone enjoy their favorite music from their mobile devices.

SONOS lets you easily pick what areas you want sound and eliminate remote controls, speaker switches, and volume controls.

What you want
SONOS allows you to play 5 types of music

1. Music that's on your device.
2. Digital AM FM Radio stations based on your zip code.
3. Music from your computers' iTunes or other music library.
4. Most Streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, ect.
5. Your TV, or other audio device, in any zone.

SONOS can be controlled by Apple IOS or Android mobile devices, as well as Mac or Windows based computer or laptop.

SONOS allows you to start with any device and add over time without any need to upgrade components.
1. Portable players like Play1, Play3, & Play5
2. The Connect Amp for existing wired speakers
3. The Connect for surround sound systems
4. The PlayBar, a soundbar that also doubles as a music player. It's the #1 rated sound bar!
5. The Sub, a powerful wireless subwoofer that can be paired with any SONOS device!

TV Tech

TV Choices

Highly Recommended!
We need to see your room to make the best recommendation

Size Matters!
Get the biggest TV that fits your budget but doesn't overpower the room, consider viewing distance from both the primary & secondary viewing area.

Can you see it? Not Really!
4K is really 2160p which by definition has 8.3M pixels. 6M more than you can see from normal viewing distance!

Room With a View
4K is better because it has a better viewing angle, better video processing for clearer motion on the TV.

Mystery TV
Companies don't tell you the TV type. Edge lit is the lowest grade LED and has poor contrast. LED array is better, but LED Micro Array with Micro Dimming makes for the best blacks and has infinite contract ratio!

Too Many Choices!
Manfucatueres make as many as 13 models in a given year but we determine the best value for different types of TV's, Primary Viewing, Secondary Viewing, or Occasional use.

Bracket Choices

Safety First!
Wall & Cabinet mounting is safer and avoids accidents from pets and kids that can result in injury.

One Size Fits All? Not Really!
Most TV's can use a universal bracket if we know the size, but it's always safest to know the model number.

Home Consult is FREE!
We prefer to see your room to recommend what location, bracket & mounting method is needed.

Hidden Beauty
A mounted TV looks nicer hiding the power cords and cables in the wall or behind the TV in a cabinet.

Room With a View
Rooms with a wide viewing area or those with a secondary viewing area off to the side may require an articulating arm.

Lots to Think About
A lot of factors go into a recommendation, for example how close can my TV be mounted is affected by the bracket type, the bracket model & deep recess outlet installation.

Home Networking

TV & Network Services


Direct TV is better
We recommend getting your TV service thru our local DTV dealer - thousands of our customers agree.

Better Picture
Cable and other services use video compression resulting in poor picture quality.

Better Sound
Cable and other services have limited content

Easier to record

Using the DTV app on your mobile device allows you to find a program and record a program fast!

Every TV's a DVR!

DTV Genie, each TV can pause, play & rewind live. Every TV can watch what has been recorded.

Network Services

Cable is better
we recommend your internet service & phone service thru the local cable company.

Need for Speed
Minimum required is 15 mbs, but with kids you may want more!

Home Automation

There's an App for that!
Alarm, door controls, convenience cameras, surveillance cameras, remote door access, remote garage door access, thermostat, water-flow alarm, whole house music, lighting control to name a few.

Automation = Simplify
The days of hiring a company to write software for an automation system are over, most companies have apps.

Automation makes things simpler, easier and allows access when you're not home.

Buy It!
Automation companies love to roll this technology into large monthly contracts, spend the least per month by nuying the equipment and installation up front.

Seeing is believing!
Ask for a demo here in the store we use the same automation we recommend!